The making of a custom Chemise...

Good friends of ours recently got married and I wanted to gift the bride something unique that she would treasure for many years.

They are not quite the traditionalists when it comes to marriage, but share a huge love for travel and culture. The bride comes from a Japanese background and her partner is Greek.


I wanted to create something in honour of the bride’s Japanese heritage, but still keeping the design quite modern. After doing some reading on the customs of a Japanese wedding, I discovered that traditionally, it was good omen to gift in the colours of black, white, blue and red. So I picked out the three colours and lace that I thought went well together and also reflected the brides’ personality.


The lace was a delicate French Chantilly in black, layered over an ivory silk satin, which was cut on the bias to drape and envelop the body with a soft liquid movement.

The third colour would be a French blue silk satin layered and embroidered in between the lace and main garment.

Julia Logvin Intimate Couture French Lace 

Julia Logvin Intimate Couture French Lace Application

The first step was to select the areas I wanted to be coloured in blue, which were a small cluster of three flowers. Next, I hand embroidered the blue sections onto the lace and cut away the shape of the silk and then the floral motif of the front of the lace to reveal the solid blue colour.

Julia Logvin Intimate Couture French Lace Application

 Julia Logvin Intimate Couture French Lace Application       

After I was happy with the placement of the blue silk, the lace piece was then cut and hand appliquèd into place of the chemise slip.

The lace decorated the neckline and asymmetrically flowed down to the left side of the waist and around the back.


The next step was to embroider the lace piece into place, cut away the access from the desired lace motifs and neckline. Only once all these steps are complete, you can then start to assemble the garment.

 Julia Logvin Intimate Couture Making a Chemise    Julia Logvin Intimate Couture Making a Chemise

The chemise was finished with black rouleau straps to compliment the black lace and hand stitched bias binding around the back and underarms.

 Julia Logvin Intimate Couture Custom Chemise

Julia Logvin Intimate Couture Custom ChemiseJulia Logvin Intimate Couture Custom Chemise

The day of the wedding was picture perfect, with the ceremony taking place in front of a perfect Sydney harbour sunset. The celebrations flowed well into the late hours with delicious food, some heartfelt speeches and many hours of dancing. It was an incredibly memorable and beautiful wedding, which my husband and I are so honoured to have been part of.


Congratulations to the happily married couple!


If you would like to have a custom made design for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to get in touch directly at:


P.S: The stunning new bride had sent me a thank you message soon after receiving the gift:


“Hi Julia, I just wanted to say thank you for attending our wedding and celebrating with us. The silk slip is so comfortable and sexy, I love it so much! It fits perfectly and is absolutely beautiful.”


Awww,.. I’m so happy she liked it and it was an absolute pleasure making it for her.

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